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Wild Scenery

Prepping for your trip

We have put together some useful information to help you plan, pack and get to know your Jeep before you hit the road for the adventure of a lifetime. 


What is in your the Jeep?

Everything you could possibly need to make memories that last a lifetime. 

When you hire our Jeep Campers, they come adventure-ready & geared to the hilt so you can focus on what's important, getting beyond the path and finding those wild places. Check out the full list of kit included below:

Need a plan?

With over 2 decades experience of planning wild trips our team at Black Rock Adventure are here to craft a deliver a trip like no other. So, if you don't have an itinerary or plan, click the link below to reach our team to get things started.

Your Kit List

Image by Patrick Hendry


Clothes for your adventure. Think warm, waterproof and outdoors;

  • Underwear and thick socks

  • Trousers and/or shorts

  • Base layer - Moisture-wicking top or t-shirt.

  • Mid-layer - Fleece, jumper or warm jacket.

  • Top layer - Waterproof top and bottoms.

  • Spare clothes. 

  • Sun hat, warm hat, gloves.

Image by Jordan Whitfield

Wash Kit

  • Toothbrush & paste.

  • Shower Gel

  • Towel

  • Anything you need to feel fresh out in the wild

Your Jeep has a portable foot pump shower, so you can stay clean when out in the wild.

Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

Adventure Kit

Plan out what you are going to be doing. Pack the right kit for the right adventure/micro-adventure:

  •  Swimwear 

  • Sturdy shoes

  • Water bottle

  • Adventure specific gear


Pack whatever you need to be comfortable and safe out on your expedition. If you are unsure our expert team are here to help. 



We would recommend sticking to 2 bags. There is space in the boot of your Jeep for these to be stored.

  • Duffel or large bag, around 60L for your general kit 

  • Day bag/rucksack for daytime adventures

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak


Plan and prep your meals ahead The jeeps have a 42Litre fridge, Primus stove and all the cooking utensils and equipment you could need, so get creative you are on holiday.

We have water storage covered (+coffee cups & coffee!) covered but you will need a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day

Image by Jakob Owens


  • GoPro or camera to capture those epic views and action shots.

  • A treat. A hard day in the wild deserves a treat. Pack an evening, a game of cards or a sweet dessert to calm those sugar cravings (You will have earnt it)

Getting to know your Adventure Camper Jeep

Your Jeep has been modified with the very best camping and exploration equipment to make things comfortable and simple out on the road. When you check in with our team we will give you a full rundown of the vehicle but ahead of your trip it can be helpful to get to know some of the Jeep's basic functions.

1. Getting Started.

2. Batwing Awning 

3. Roof Top Tent

4. Cooking Stove


About our Jeeps?

We've gone all out to ensure you have the most memorable trip on board our Jeeps. Find out more about our top of the range campers and all the equipment included. 

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