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Our Adventure Campers

Accommodation and transport combined: our signature Jeep conversions are packed with the latest camping gadgets to house up to 4 people.

Bespoke off-road and overlanding modifications take you right into the wilderness for an adventure holiday you'll never forget. Plus, there's plenty of room for our adventure activity extras!


Built for the vast remote expanses of northern America, the Jeep Wrangler is perfectly designed to get you to the wildest places. With a few tweaks, they have the potential for so much more.

Until Black Rock Adventure, there were no modified Jeep campers available to hire in the UK, so we couldn't resist building the ultimate adventure machines. 



2021 Rubicon WW2 Edition

As the name suggests, Maverick is one of a kind. A Limited Edition Wrangler 1941, Maverick has been modified to create the ultimate 4x4 Adventure Camper. 

Maverick comes fully kitted out with: 

  • IKamper's Sky Camp 3 Roof Top Tent

  • 270 degree AluCab Awning 

  • Pull-out Trail Kitchen, with 42L fridge on slide.

  • Tailgate Table 

  • Built-in storage drawer

  • Trailrax 20L Exterior Water Storage

  • Wilderness 270 degree surround lighting




2019 Suzuki Jimny SZ5 AllGrip 1.5 Auto in Desert.

Take a seat inside Hawk and be ready for some old-school exploration and adventure.

The ultimate solo or couple adventure 4x4, grab your partner and hit the wild road. Modified for offroad adventures, Hawk is set up & ready to go. 


Hawk comes with the added bonus of accommodating your doggos at no extra cost! Read our Dog policy here.

We are working hard over the coming months on preparing Hawk for your adventures. It will have less camping modifications than Maverick but will instead come with a choice of camping & adventure gear, all included at no extra cost:

  • Latitude Pioneer 2/3 person Rooftent.

  • Yeti Storage Case with Camping Essentials.

  • Primus Cooking Equipment. 

  • Jackery 1000W Solar Generator & Panels. 

  • Your pick of adventure gear at no extra cost.


Equipment included
& added extras

Your camper will include adventure equipment such as sleeping bags, cooking supplies, chairs, tables, and everything you will need to make your adventure memorable and comfortable.  Check out what's included and if you want to make your trip extra special, we've got telescope, bikes and paddle board fore hire!

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