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Image by Matthew Smith

Our Climate Pledge

You might not think that a business with diesel Jeeps at it's centre can be environmentally friendly.

But, we hold ourselves entirely accountable for our impact on the world around us and are wholly committed to creating a sustainable & circular business that gives back to the natural world that gives us so many special moments.



Our climate action

We are acutely aware of our impact on the environment & we are committed to ensuring we offset every single ounce of carbon we & our adventures emit. Everything we do at Black Rock is about inspiring you to get back to nature, locally. We will preserve our beautiful wild places for our little ones.


No Flight

Keeping you local

We believe that the impact of tourism and the travel industry is negative on the environment, which is why we know that keeping adventurers on UK soil has a positive result. 

There are real benefits to slow and local travel such as discovering real gems right on your doorstep and taking the time to look at the world around you through a different lens.

We are also strong supporters of re-wilding projects and local conservation charities and encourage all our adventurers to take part.

Our Equipment

Each gesture counts

With the world and nature at the heart of everything we do, we ensure that the equipment we use is as eco-friendly as possible. We reduce travel of goods by buying local woods and local natural firelighters. We also kit out the Jeeps with as many biodegradable and recycled products as possible. 

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