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Let's Get Started...
Become an Adventure Camper!

Before you book, there are a few critical bits of information, so here you go:

  1. We are resolutely in support of the #leavenotrace principle. In our recommended wilder campsites, this may mean bringing every bit of waste back with you in the provided bio-degradable & reuseable litter bags.

  2. If you are wild camping, remember there are no facilities, other than those on your Jeep! We have built our campers to keep you offgrid for days on end but it will mean experiencing our showers & toilets wild, free & au naturel!

  3. Please stick only to the pre-agreed off-road  routes which get you to recommended or our exclusive adventure campsites. You will be liable for the misuse or any damage to the vehicles & equipment on any other offroad routes.

  4. All good adventurers prepare for their trip. Two weeks before your booked start date, we will send you an email providing you links to camp & equipment set up videos, as well as a recommended clothing & personal kit list.

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