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Get Back to Nature... 5 Ways to Reconnect.

Have you ever felt completely immersed in nature? Have you listened to the sound of flowing water and creaking trees? Have you smelt woodland soil underneath your feet and let a cool breeze whip through your hair? The overall calm and joy these sensations bring can be truly powerful and memorable


The drum of modern life is all too often chaotic and we can forget to step away from this and find a peaceful moment to recharge. In our experience connecting with nature is the best way to ground yourself, and power up. Research shows that there are huge mental and physical benefits to spending time outside regularly.

Immersing yourself in the wild doesn't have to be complicated, we have some simple ways that you can easily connect with nature...

1. Relax Outside

Being outside and appreciating nature doesn't mean you have to jump head-first into a 10-mile hike or wild expedition. The very best ways to ground yourself in nature can often be the simplest. Try just finding a green space or somewhere outside (if you have a garden... perfect!) and just sit, look, listen and take time to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

2. Exercise Outside

Stepping into a new year after a busy festive season can leave us with some heavy pressures to self-improve our health and fitness. All too often this added pressure and expectation to drag ourselves to the gym can have the opposite effect and leave us feeling deflated. Luckily, there is this fantastic place we know that can not only get you moving but reinvigorate your mind and connect you with something very special...the Great Outdoors (it's free!).

Our advice is to keep things simple...walk in the park, swim in the sea, walk home from work via a different route that takes you through a green space, the list goes on. Exercising outside can draw your mind away from the constant day-to-day thoughts that can often overwhelm us and tune you into a wonderful environment that connects us to primitive routes.

3. Be Curious

If you find it difficult to switch off from life (we are guilty of it!), even when outside then tuning into your natural curiosity can be hugely helpful to bring you to a grounded and calmer state. Try to notice the details and focus on your senses when you are outside:

  • What can you see?...a tree, great! Now look further, what does the bark look like, what patterns can you see?

  • What can you hear? See if you can separate the sounds you can hear and focus on them individually.

  • What do things outside feel like? What does the wind feel like on your skin? My daughter is great at picking up mud and feeling it, but you don't have to be a toddler to do this... honestly, try it!

  • What can you smell? Try and focus on this in different environments, the seasons bring such different smells and you only get to know these when you stop to take them in. Now I'm not going to tell you to start eating creepy crawlies, but smell makes up around 80% of your taste, so try engaging this when exploring.

4. Go outside at night

It's easy to plan to go outside during the day and it's something most of us enjoy. Try flipping this on its head and plan an evening walk to a green space or time outside in the garden. Take in what's around you, most wild spaces can be completely different under the cover of night. Keep an eye on the weather and look out for cloud-free nights, if you can find somewhere relatively free of light pollution you will be in for a truly immersive natural gazing! Some of my strongest relationships have been formed by nights under a star-covered canopy contemplating the wonders of the universe, it's worth pushing back your bedtime for, I promise.

5. Go camping.

Sleeping outside really does bring us back to our primal routes and takes us away from the tornado that can be a working week. If you haven't tried camping, do a little research and planning and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to leave your troubles at home, disconnect yourself and feel grounded and content.

Here at Black Rock Adventure, we are passionate about getting outside and connecting with nature. If you feel like you need a helping hand in doing this our door is always open, drop us a line, or pop us a message. We care and we are here to help.

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Rowan Clasper
Rowan Clasper
Jan 28, 2023

Really good read!

Looking forward to reading more.

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