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5 Remote and Wild Adventures in The Yorkshire Dales

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

All too often we can be drawn to the more popular and well-known outdoor activities, routes and locations in the UK. After all, they are well-known for a reason, so why not see what all the fuss is about?

Allowing your planning to take you a little further afield can lead you to some truly remarkable corners of the UK that take you off the beaten track and immerse you in some awe-inspiring and wild outdoor experiences. The Yorkshire Dales is no exception to holding some hidden gems away from the hustle and bustle of the well-known... we have put together our Top 5 remote and wild adventures in The Yorkshire Dales for 2023.

1. Hike The HowGills

Sedbergh and Ravenstonedale

Adventure Type: Walking, Hiking

Difficulty: Routes for a range of abilities

Activity time: 4-9 hours, route dependent

Tucked away in the less visited West Yorkshire Dales, The Howgills are a distinctive range of rounded grassy hills which lie between Sedbergh and Ravenstonedale. With a number of summits to tackle (The Calf being the largest and topping out at 676m) and generally well-packed tracks along the way, this stunning set of hills offers something for a range of abilities. If you are looking to escape to the back of beyond, not meet a single soul along the way and then soak it all in with some amazing panoramic views at the top then The Howgills are a definite choice.

2. Climb Pen-Y-Ghent


Adventure Type: Walking, Hiking

Difficulty: Easy-moderate

Activity Time: 2-4 hours, route dependent

Pen-Y-Ghent (or Penyghent) is one of the most recognisable fells in Yorkshire and really is something you can't miss. The fell is part of the traditional three peaks in Yorkshire and is the lowest in height (at 694m) making it more accessible to a range of abilities. Although you are likely to encounter fellow wilderness lovers en route, the stunning scenery and panoramic views will soon leave you feeling wilder than ever. The most popular start is in Horton-in-Ribblesdale which offers a circular 10km route with some great pubs to hand at the end.

3. Scramble Moughton Scars


Adventure Type: Walking, Hiking, Exploring

Difficulty: Moderate

Activity Time: 2-4 hours, route dependent

You certainly don't need to be a Geologist or a fan of rock formations to have your breath taken away at Moughton Scars. This stunning location offers walking routes past towering scree slopes up onto an unforgettable limestone pavement. The patterns formed in the upper pavements will take you back to your childhood routes, leaving a feeling of excitement and adventure as you explore the truly remarkable formations. Limestone pavements were created during the ice age when the scouring action of ice sheets exposed the pavements. If this geological phenomenon isn't enough then sit back and take in remote views of dry valleys and wild moorland to really feel a sense of escapism.

4. SUP at Grimwith Reservoir

Grassington and Pateley Bridge

Adventure Type: Paddleboarding, Walking

Difficulty: Easy-moderate

Activity Time: 1-3 hours

Surrounded by rolling hills, Grimwith Reservoir is a location that deserves to be explored by water. The paddle out will leave you with an increasing appreciation for the true beauty that The Yorkshire Dale has to offer. With easy access as well as circular walking options there are plenty of opportunities to feel immersed in nature and escapism.

5. Swim at Kidson Force

River Swale, Keld

Adventure Type: Wild Swimming

Difficulty: Easy-moderate

Activity Time: 1-2 hours

Kidson Force can be found downstream of the village of Keld. With an adventurous approach, taking in stunning scenery, there are two waterfalls to visit that won't leave wild swimming enthusiasts or first-time dippers disappointed. The falls offer deep pools below for those that want to take a tranquil swim and immerse themselves in a remote and breathing environment. For the more adventurous there are a series of jumps into the water to get your heart rate going and fill you with the ultimate sense of adventure. This beautiful gem really is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in a wild and adventurous experience in The Yorkshire Dales.

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