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2023's Top 10 Family Bucket List Locations

The UK is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, offering a variety of activities and stunning landscapes for all ages to explore, from rugged coastlines to stunning mountains and tranquil waterfalls. If you are looking for a way to connect you and your family to the great outodoors in the UK in 2023, we have got you covered. We have teamed up with The Bucket List Book to put together our favourite 10 locations to get outside with your little ones this year. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or an outside-the-box day out, the UK has something to offer everyone. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the great outdoors!

1. Dinorwic Quarry,

To kids, this place is heaven, the ultimate adventure playground. There are new things to discover around every corner & with those views over Snowdonia, it is truly an unforgettable day out.

Dinorwic was once one of the largest slate quarries in the world, and these industrial relics of the past are now today’s treasures & mysteries to explore. Tunnels, railways, pools, buildings, mines - you & your kids will be awe-inspired into making up your own adventures as you walk through the quarries.

Top Tip: Get up early & park at Dinorwig Bus Terminus for the easiest route in.

Camp Spot: Take our Jeep Campers, with their family adventure kit, to Llyn Gwynant Campsite, located only 15 minutes away at the foot of the Snowdon Mountain Range. Llyn Gywnant is the perfect base to explore Dinorwic from with good facilities but remote & wild enough to feel like you are escaping from the craziness of day-to-day life!

2. Lorna Doone Valley

We love it here & especially in Spring. Bluebells & daffodils carpet the valleys & it becomes warm enough to get the shoes off and go paddling in the waterfalls, looking for pixies & fairies!

Top Tip: Park at the seafront in Lynmouth (home to the famous funicular Cliff Railway)

Camp Spot: Our favourite local site is the National Trust-ran Cloud Farm, set on the banks of Badgworthy Water.

3. Hound Tor

We travel south to Dartmoor where we could recommend dozens of adventures. But the one we always go back to is the tumbling granite towers of Hound Tor Rocks.

Found only a couple of minutes away from the famous Haytor, Hound Tor is a haven for budding young climbers & rock hoppers. Practice your scrambling skills, visit the medieval village & make a day of it by visiting the ancient woodlands around Becky Falls & Lustleigh.

Camp Spot: Camp Wilder at Huccaby Farm, on the banks of the West Dart River (where you can wild swim!).

4. Four Water Falls Walk

This is a place where you can only really understand its beauty by visiting. In Spring, the sides of the valleys will be carpeted in bluebells. There are waterfalls around every corner but the four most famous can be accessed in a 4 mile loop. It is a long walk with lots of inclines, so it is only for the older & more adventurous kids!

Top Tip: Arrive early and steal a free spot at Comin Y Rhos, before heading past Clyngwyn Farm Bunkhouse and Cafe to pick up a coffee & map!

Camp Spot: Cae Glas, is only 15 minutes away & the perfect farm campsite to base your Jeep Camper.

5. Rydal Water and Cave

Rydal Water is a Lake District classic. It’s a truly breathtaking lake that offers so many adventures - walk around its shores, stop off at Rydal Cave, search for Peter Rabbit & his friends 🐰 (Rydal inspired Beatrix Potter’s famous characters!) & if it’s warm enough head up to Rydal Waterfalls for a plunge in the infinity pools!

Top Tip: get there early & park in the lane that leads to Rydal Hall. Otherwise, park at Pelters Bridge for the easiest access to the Lake, Cave & Waterfalls!

Camp Spot: Hands down our favourite Lake District Campsite is Side Farm on the banks of Ullswater Lake.

6. Three Cliffs Bay

Next up, we travel to the Gower Peninsula. If you haven’t been before, add it to your bucket list now! So many places to visit but for us Three Cliff Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, let alone the UK! As the days warm up, go rock pooling when the tides out & watch the water flood the bay in the evening as you sit out with a campfire. What more could you ask for? 🔥

Top Tip: Search Hunters Coffee Three Cliffs, park opposite & grab a coffee & a brownie for the walk down.

Camp Spot: If you can secure a spot.. Then camp at Three Cliffs Holiday Park for one of the best views in the country.

7. Horsey Broads

In Spring, the Broads come to life & you are immersed in raw nature. Get lost in the marshes or on the long wild beaches. Head to Horsey Broads for the best of both worlds & get back to nature with your kids. Rent a canoe or take bikes to experience the Broads properly. If you reserve our family adventure experience, you will be able to add SUPs, bike racks or even our Kids Adventure Chest!

Camp Spot: stay at the beautiful Ferrygate Campsite for a back-to-nature camping experience in our Jeeps!

8. Kielder Water

Kielder Water is a truly wild place, with endless forests, hills & starry skies to get lost in. It is a place to reunite families in nature, enjoy long bike rides around the lake, build wood shelters & snuggle up in sleeping bags under the milky way. Trust us, get Kielder on your bucket list!

Camp Spot: Hire our Jeep Camper with the family adventure kit & stay in the heart of the forest at Kielder Campsite. Wake up to the smell of pine trees & sleep under the stars in our rooftop tents!

9. Robin Hoods Bay

This traditional fishing village is perfect for fossil hunting (safely), rock pooling & sprinting around the beach, before finishing it off with an ice cream, scampi & chips, and feet dangling off the harbour wall.

Camp Spot: Relax with stunning seaside views out of the rooftop tent, at Bay Ness Farm Campsite. The perfect base to explore the (massively underrated) North York Moors.

10. Snaizeholme Forest

Red Squirrels. There is something about Red Squirrels, so elusive & rare, that makes it a proper adventure to try and spot one. Well at Snaizeholme Forest, you can do just that. This place is beautiful in Spring as flowers carpet the woods & the warmer days mean you can ramble about the place for hours on end squirrel spotting.

Top Tip: If you book in advance, you can secure a parking spot at the entrance to the trail, alternatively you can grab the little White Bus from Hawes which drops you off.

Camp Spot: Located at the end of ButterTubs Pass is Usha Gap Campsite. Louise & her family have created a beautiful spot on their farm to camp under dark skies & wake up to nature

Meet the Inspiration behind your 2023 Bucket List Adventure Guide...

We are the Tansey family, (martatanseyphotography) Sam, Marta and our beautiful children Jason and Maddie. We love exploring the world, taking in new experiences and recording our journey along the way. We made The Bucket List Book journal as a way of inspiring people to do new and exciting things and giving them a place to store all of their memories. For those of you not familiar with the concept of a bucket list, a bucket list is a personal collection of the goals, dreams and aspirations we want to achieve in life. By writing down our dreams, we focus our attention on what’s important to us. Creating a bucket list as a family is such a magical experience. It allows your children to explore their creativity and develop a passion for adventure while spending quality time together. As a family, we love travelling! We’ve always taken photos, saved tickets and collected treasures from our adventures so we can remember all the amazing things we’ve experienced and share them with our

As a family, we love travelling! We’ve always taken photos, saved tickets and collected treasures from our adventures so we can remember all the amazing things we’ve experienced and share them with our friends and family. By flicking through our bucket list book, we’re transported back to those memories. And we can’t wait to start planning the next unforgettable moment of our lives…

We Do The Hard Work

Creating a family adventure can be a little time-consuming. We all know what it is like to plan a day out with the kids.. as family based business that has grown from an appreciation of the outdoors creating adventures around family life is at the heart of what we do. If you want to create something outside of the norm that you and your family will remember forever, let us do the leg work. Reach out via our contact us form and we will do the rest.

Bring on family adventures that create memories that last a lifetime.

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